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Consumer Healthcare

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Consumer Healthcare products are considered the overlapped area between the traditional pharma business & the FMCG one "Fast Moving Consumer Goods", that's why most of CHC business experts are calling it FMCHG "Fast Moving Consumer Healthcare Goods"

It may appear as a small business category if compared with the the FMCG business or even the tradition pharma as well. But one of its most important characteristic points is that, it follows the organic growth of the population "5-10%" as it hasn't been negatively impacted by the bio-similars innovation like the tradition pharma business. Also, it depends mainly of the consumer or the end-user in 3 pilers: -

                    1) The consumer is the real decision maker in the purchasing process.

                    2) The consumer is being highly affected by the marketing activities, if it were consumer centric.

                    3) The GDP per capita in the country of the consumer is really a weighable factor at the purchasing process.

Consumer Healthcare products' category is a very wide one, starting from the Oral Care products, baby care ones, multivitamins, light pain killers, blood pressure monitors or glucose ones, it also includes the skins care products which are sometimes called as cosmo-medicals.

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