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Markets We Are Expert In

GCC Countries

  • GCC region is on of the highest GDP per capita countries all over the world as per the most recent wold bank release including Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman as well . 

  • Also, GCC countries are characterized by high population "more than 57 millions as per The WHO"

  • GCC Healthcare services are led by the tender business which exceeds 85% of the total healthcare business in some of its countries.

  • Although the PVT sector has lower potentiality if compared with tender one, it is highly quality dependent and that means, the market is opened for any new brand, these new brands can acquire good market shares if having high quality as per the consumer feedback.

At HBSHR, we are very well familiar with the business nature in the region and we are already having a very well established network there, either at institutional sector - tender - or at PVT one. 

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