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About Us



The world is now like a small village regarding to knowledge, anyone all over the world can use the search engine to find the data he is looking for. Globalization shouldn’t be limited to data and information, Anyone - wherever he is living - has the right to find the premium product he is aspiring to use. We are launching HBSHR Sweden as a globalization tool in order to exchange goods & products Borderless and Limitless as well.


Healthcare product category should take the lead in this globalization process. Due to its magnitude impact on every one’s life. “A breast-feeding mother in Dakar – Senegal should have the luxury to choose the proper nipple care product either local manufactured, European or even produced anywhere else” We believe, it’s a matter of human rights.


We are experts at outsourcing, business fostering deals and penetrating new markets, we can supply you either with premium products you are looking for to complete your portfolio or supply you with the convenient distributor in our well experienced area. And in both cases, you will get a magnitude marketing support to achieve transforming growth at your sales. 


HBSHR Sweden is just a start and we will continue…...


                Shaza Sallam

Deputy Board Member - Co-Founder

           HBSHR Sweden AB

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