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Pharmaceutical products out of bio-similars are still representing the big share of the health care business although this big share has decayed recently for the favor of the new innovation of bio-similars, it will never disappeared specially in the MENA region which is already being one of the most emerging markets for it all-over the world.

MENA region countries have the highest incidence of diabetes globally and the same for hypertension. Antibiotics market in the MENA region is also very potential unfortunately due to the weak medico-legal regulations.

At Pharmaceutical business, the role of the HCPs is really magnified as HCPs are the real decision makers and they are the key in the purchasing process.

Another very important point should be considered at pharmaceutical business in MENA countries, tender and semi-tender business share is varying between 65-90% of the total business.

At HBSHR, we are expert in positioning the pharmaceutical products in the proper indications, unhiding and satisfying the real customer needs and we are very familiar with the efficient keys for the tender business and semi-tender one as well in the targeted region. 

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